Saturday, 16 March 2013


The anarchist, Emma Goldman said that, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." How true that is about governments and their politics. Another saying I’ve heard is, “Whoever you vote for, the government wins.”

Politics and government were created by the rich for the rich and those who work for the government are servants to do the bidding of the rich. Below them are the police and armed forces to do the dirty work.

In the past, government served the establishment such as the monarchy, the nobility and religion to make laws to keep the peasants in their place. In some ways it still does, except that their powers have been lessened. A few centuries ago the monarchy wielded a divine power over their people, giving them the right to kill anyone who dared to think differently. This included blasphemy against the established religion.

There are still parts of the world that use such methods, under the control of dictators.

The peasants can’t be kept in their place with that type of force as used in the past, although the establishment wishes they could. Public protest is safer without the organisers being arrested, tortured and executed. In the past, those who took part in any activity were regarded as unthinking followers of their leaders.

For example, when the nobility began to enclose land by taking over public land and expelling the common people who had farmed there for centuries, any resistance could be quelled by military force.

Now the government works for any individual or organisation that possesses wealth which still includes the monarchy and nobility. The police find it easier to concentrate on small companies and individuals who evade paying taxes. At the same time, wealthy individuals and large companies can find ways to escape paying many millions, quite often using loopholes in the law. These companies can do as they please, with the governments backing.

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