Saturday, 16 March 2013


Some time ago I went into Sainsbury’s on my way home to do some shopping. I removed the black woolly hat I was wearing and I put my shopping into a back pack at the till. As I left the shop I went to the toilet as a large number of shop staff came out of the door. Leaving the toilet, I was followed and stopped outside, where I was accused of shoplifting. I was told that I was seen in the drinks section picking up a bottle although I hadn’t been anywhere near that section. At the till, it was noticed that I didn’t pay for the bottle, which I didn’t have.

The “leader” of the group was a bit of an idiot and let me go after I’d said that I didn’t have a bottle and showed him my receipt. I carried on but the mob returned, this time with a suited man who told me again of what I’d apparently done. He then searched me but, of course, he couldn’t find a bottle. He looked a bit confused, as if I’d just performed a magic trick to make the bottle disappear in front of him. There was a bit of a mumbled apology before they returned to the shop.

I’d have liked to have seen the CCTV images of “me” taking the bottle. Nowadays they have security men that would have stopped me as I left.

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