Sunday, 24 February 2013


There have been a few times when I have been seen by other people when I know it couldn’t have been me.

When the film "The Most Fertile Man in Ireland" was in the cinemas, I'd thought about going to see it. One Friday I looked in the local newspaper cinema guide but it wasn't there. I was going to town and wondered about visiting the Tourist Information for a cinema guide. I was to go to the library on the Saturday morning and so I didn’t go that far into town.

On the Saturday, I went in the Tourist Info and browsed looking for a guide. I could hear the woman behind the counter talking and a woman near me said that she thought that it was I who was being spoken to. I was told that the new guides were in now. Apparently I had called in on the Friday afternoon. I had stood at the door and asked about a guide. I was told that they would be in on Saturday. She recognised me as the person who’d come in.

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