Tuesday, 28 August 2012



A strange link exists between Lucifer’s tempting Fruit,
And a man who is wearing an expensive business suit.

Or any other clothing that we are forced to wear.
In public our bodies we must never ever bare.

By the Fruit’s temptation, all of Mankind did fall.
From the Tree of Knowledge, he condemned us all.
Knowledge and shame of our bodies, such was the Original Sin,
Our continuing foolish behaviour makes Satan’s gloating grin.

Religions and governments, they continue to strive,
Creating laws to help, Satan’s evil work to thrive.

Textile firms need us clothed, we follow them like sheep.
With Mammon’s generous aid, untold millions they reap.

We are born into this World, nude and unashamed.
But soon society makes sure our freedom, it is tamed.

Many would prefer to die rather than to be
Stripped naked, in public, for everyone to see.

Prurient interest in body parts we strive to keep hidden,
Only creates carnal thoughts and acts which are forbidden.

Zealous missionaries travelled from the West,
And soon the naked “savages” were dressed in pants and vest!

Upon the Fruit of Knowledge, reluctantly they feed,
Vanguard of exploitation, hatred, pain and greed.
But would it be possible, all humans to expect,
To treat each other’s bodies with reverence and respect?

Equate sex with nudity, you have to divide.
Accept all our bodies and never to deride.

Unclothed it’s sinful, but to be clothed is good.
That’s surely fundamental, easily understood?

But covering our bodies is the symbol of our sin.
God’s beautiful creation, shame concealed within.          

As the Bible rightly tells us, after Armageddon’s fight,
We’ll all be nude together, clothed in raiments of light.

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