Wednesday, 3 October 2012


When I have visited a friend at her flat, I park in her parking place and in front of me is a lawn bounded on two sides by trees and shrubbery. On the lawn I regularly see rabbits, squirrels and various birds. I have sat there looking at these wild animals and wondered at their lives and the lives of humans. I have wondered about why humans have created a world that is so difficult to live in. This is usually when I am feeling exasperated by something that I’d seen or experienced.

I have thought that those animals live in the true reality of this planet. By comparison, humans have created a world of fantasy. This world created by humans for themselves, exist because it has originated in their minds. They would not have been created without humans, not as it exists now. The poorer humans are, the closer they become to the true reality.

Humans have to do a lot of pretending in their "reality". This planet’s materials and resources have no value and are freely available but they are given an unnecessary monetary value. Money is the biggest pretence humans have created and which has become a source of evil and injustice in the world. When I watch films or television, the problems created by money and its distribution, often leaves me wondering why humans bother with it.

Money appears to be more trouble than it is worth. Of course it all depends on how much an individual has in their possession. Everyone is brainwashed and conditioned from an early age to believe that money has a value other than that of pieces of printed paper and discs of metal. Humans can never seem to have enough of it and there are those who will steal it, swindle for it and even kill to get it. Such is the basis of many films, dramas and documentaries. Humans watch this but have become so conditioned that it doesn't occur to them and, like automatons, they return to the endless round of consuming the earth's resources.

Money is used to represent the value of gold reserves held by a country but gold is itself simply a metal with no intrinsic value. I appear to be the only person on this planet who has broken away from the conditioning. To me diamonds are simply pieces of crystallised carbon, worth nothing.

Humans spend money on objects, becoming very possessive about them. That is until they become outdated by the latest technological novelty or they break or wear out. They are then converted to rubbish. Much of what humans buy was rubbish when it left the manufacturers. I walk past rubbish skips outside the houses of humans and see what they have spent money on in the past revert to their true value when their usefulness ends.

I have sometimes wondered what the world would be like without money. When Gene Roddenbury created Star Trek, his humans have dispensed with the use of money all together. It would mean that everyone would be volunteers and that everything they produced would be free to everyone. There would be no point in crimes such as robbery.

I hear a lot about humans in debt and owing money. There doesn't seem to be anyone who wants to live within their means today. They would attempt anything to get more money, including competitions and game shows. And there are plenty of organisations who are only too willing to help them to purchase what they would like. Gambling seems to be a growth industry and humans buy lottery ticket and scratchcards even though the odds are heavily against them winning anything significant.

For those who owe money, the most obvious way to prevent this happening would be to force those money lenders to reduce their level of greed and usury. But the money lenders have the law on their side, because governments are only interested in wealth. They have no interest in those who can't pay back the loans, except to get them to vote for them when necessary and to be used as industry and work fodder to create wealth for their business friends.

The more wealth a human accumulates, the larger their carbon footprint becomes. They buy larger, fuel consuming cars. They use more air travel, including the use of a private jet, for frequent holidays abroad or for numerous homes in various countries.

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