Tuesday, 28 August 2012


(6 June 2004)
See the clones walk up and down,
In every city, in every town.
Fashion victims in every way,
“Baseball caps” please go away.
“Baseball caps”, a generic name,

For all of those who dress the same.

You’ll never find one on my head,

Even if you saw me dead!

Whatever happened to rebellious youth?
Punk’s anti-fashion’s look uncouth?
Now whole families look so sad.
Why would a kid dress like his dad?

Lager swilling drunkard, one of the boys,
High decibel racers, cars for toys,
Anti-social yob and the petty crook,
Well, what a surprise, they all have that look!

Adidas, Nike and the rest,
Brand names and logos, buy the best.
But brand names and logos only hide,
Globalisation’s sinister side.

In foreign lands, workers must slave,
So those same brands their profits they save.
For a pittance they work, in sweatshops they toiled,
Capitalists use that sweat, keep their wheels well oiled.

It’s just a sign that this nation,
Is under attack by Americanisation.
As all the world and every land,
Slowly succumbs to American bland.

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