Wednesday, 7 November 2012


During the Falklands War, the thing that struck me most was that the Argentineans were using French built Exocet missiles against the British armed forces. No one commented about this, that a supposed ally to Britain was supplying weapons to a country which was then using them to destroy and kill the British forces.

I find the arms trade a strange concept. Because of the resulting wealth they can largely do what they like. Governments become mesmerised by that wealth and the taxes collected from it. That’s more important than human life.

Countries have supplied weaponry all over the world and so it’s highly likely that they could be used to kill humans from those same countries. And no one seems to care.

I couldn’t imagine myself working for a company that produces weapons which were to be used for the taking of human life. Money acts to numb the mind away from such thoughts, to keep reality away.

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